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La France!

The most romantic country in the world is the perfect place for everybody to go. The great variety of outdoor, indoor and sporting activities it offers, its beautiful landscape, its interesting cities, its magnificent architecture, the delicious food and drinking, are some of the possibilities that people of all ages can enjoy.

With a population of more than 60,500,000 people, France is known for its diverse and incredible landscapes and its old and fantastic architectures -the Cathedral Notre-Dame and the city of Paris itself are some examples of France’s historic constructions. They are, in fact, the country’s main tourist attraction. People from all around the world come to France for a few days at least to get to see these men’s creations and to enjoy the beauty of this country that can be seen on the streets. For this reason walking around or biking are actually really pleasant activities, although getting to know the complete fantastic architecture that France has to offer may demand a more sophisticated tour.

Those who stay longer can also enjoy the amazing creations of nature in the country. For those who want tranquility, France offers a great variety of landscapes: mountains, beaches, lakes, etc. But not everything in France is old and natural. The country enjoys a highly developed highway network, more than 20,000 miles of railroads, several shopping malls, theme parks –Disneyland Paris, for example–, ski resorts and other modern attractions for all tastes. France offers the most entertaining activities for people of all ages to have their most pleasant time during their stay in this country.

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Because of its geometric shape, the Metropolitan France is informally called L’Hexagone. It enjoys a great variety of landscapes: plains in the north and west, and mountains in the south such as the Alps and the Pyrenees. The country also presents extensive river systems –the Rhône and the Loire, for example- and a collection of overseas islands. The Mont Blanc (15,781 ft) in the French Alps is the highest mountain in Western Europe. Rivera’s beaches, the coasts of Brittany and Normandy, the villages of Provence, the mountain-top towns on the Massif Central, are some of the most visited places.

French people are known to take pride on looking neat and stylish. Douce France, meaning "sweet France", is a term which defines French seductive lifestyle. Women generally look very elegant and fashionable. This interest in appearances is also evident in shops and restaurants. Even the poorest towns look sparkling and comfortable. The French are mostly polite and courteous people. They are very friendly and very proud of their culture even when half of the population claims to have foreign backgrounds.

One of the most important attractions of France is its Art. For centuries, French paintings have been the most admired and spectacular in the world. Renowned painters such as Nicolas Poussin, Antoine Coypel, and Jean-Francois de Troy, to name a few, come from this country. Their most impressive paintings are exhibited in museums such as the Louvre Museum in France. Film is another important art form for French people. French movies are completely recognizable, not because of the language, but because of their particular humor and rawness, and cultural weight. They have also developed a particular intellectual drama.

The French language can sound quite familiar to people from English speaking countries. Even if the pronunciation sounds quite different, there are many similarities between these two languages. This occurs because English was much influenced by French when the Normans, who spoke a variety of French, invaded the British Isled in the 11th century. For around 300 years this variety of French remained the language of the nobility and educated people in Britain, and English, the language of the uneducated. Today, of course, this has changed and English has become the language of many countries apart from the British Isles, but some French words have remained in English, making these two languages similar.

France is the best place to go on vacations for the variety of activities, landscapes, art galleries and museums, architecture, etc. At night France is a barrel of fun! The best clubs and discos are found in both the cities and small towns of the country. For more information on accommodations, car rental, where to go and what to do, etc, visit our different sections on this website, which has been created to give you all the material you need in order to enjoy your vacations in France as much as possible.

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